28ct white Zweigart evenweave

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28 count Zweigart evenweave fabric - 100%
Size: 100 x 140 cm - 39 x 55 inches

Notes for evenweave fabric:
When using evenweave for your project, we suggest you stitch over two threads. Unlike aida fabric, which already has the "squares" to stitch over, evenweave has only the "threads" showing. Therefore, you will be stitching your cross stitches "over two threads" which means you pull your thread up through a hole and then count two threads (up or down depending on the direction of the stitch you are making) and put your thread down the next hole.
The finished piece is the same size on evenweave as on aida because each stitch is formed over two threads instead of one block, therefore a 28 count evenweave has the same stitch count as a 14 count aida – 28 threads to 2.5cm (1in) = 14 blocks to 2.5cm (1in).

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