Copyright for our cross stitch designs

All our designs are protected by copyright and any unauthorized use is punishable under international copyright law. Any file you purchase through Yiotas XStitch (printed or download) is for your personal use only. You cannot print, copy or transfer this file to another person, in paper or electronic format.

What is allowed:
• Print out copies for your PERSONAL use.
• Save a copy of the file on your computer.

What is not allowed:
• Make copies of our design to give or to sell
• Send copies of our file by email
• Upload or post our file onto a website
• Make kits from our designs

We hope you respect our terms and conditions. Please understand that we earn our living from our designs.

Copyright of images used to create our cross stitch designs

We have commissioned the artwork of most of the fairies, fantasy and dogs to create cross stitch charts. To visit their websites, click here: Our talented artists

It is not our intent to infridge on any copyright and to the best of our knowledge most images in this website are in the public domain (which means copyright has expired and images can be used for personal or commercial purposes). There are also some images, which have been created by Yiota the artist or some others which we have been given the permission to use them for cross stitch (see link above - talented artists). If anyone knows of and can prove copyright ownership of such rights, any images affected will be removed from our website immediately.

Accessories for your kits

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