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Stitched by Yiota

Eye cross stitch kits

Giraffe modern cross stitch kit

Horse modern cross stitch kit


unicorn cross stitch kit

tree cross stitch kit

skull cross stitch kit

Rabbit cross stitch

Turtle cross stitch kit




Woman with butterflies stitched by Natalie Chance

Woman with butterflies cross stitch kit

White Christmas tree stitched by Kim Hatfield

Christmas tree cross stitch

Christmas tree modern stitched by Nat McNair

 Tribal wolf stitched by Sarah Campell

Tribal wolf cross stitch kit

Triabl koala stitched by Eliya Ferguson

koala cross stitch kit

Tribal elephant stitched by Zoe Adams

Tribal elephant cross stitch kit

Whale stitched by Louise Bosher

Octopus stitched by Vicky Bailey


Tree of life by Klimt stitched by Rosemary Airey

Tree of life Klimt cross stitch kit

Tree of life by William Morris stitched by Christina Dwan

tree of life cross stitch

Tabby cat eyes stitched by Christine Plummer

Tabby cat cross stitch kit

Starry night Van Gogh stitched by Kolackovska Lenka

starry night cross stitch kit

Red dragon stitched by Lisa Henson

Red dragon cross stitch kit

Rainbow rose stitched by Flo Flo Collins

rainbow rose cross stitch kit

Rainbow panda stitched by Carron Collyer

Panda cross stitch kit

Paw heart stitched by Tina Mooney

paw heart cross stitch kit

Labrador loving joy stitched by Mee Peng Foo

Labrador cross stitch kit

Lily by William Morris stitched by Hallie Wake

Lily William Morris cross stitch kit

Leopard stitched by Nicky Woodgate

Leopard cross stitch kit

Houses, barn, birds and tree stitched by Jane Ralph

Modern tree cross stitch kit

Modern horse stitched by Gail Wilkie

Modern horse cross stitch kit

Grace horse stitched by Flo Flo Collins

horse cross stitch

Golden retriever stitched by Annie Dugan

Golden retriever cross stitch kit

Golden cocker spaniel stitched by Hannah Clegg

Golden cocker spaniel cross stitch

Giraffe stitched by Linda Anderson

Giraffe cross stitch

Giraffes stitched by Vikki Jeffs-Owen

Giraffe cross stitch

Floral heart stitched by Fiona Cunningham

Floral heart cross stitch kit

Owl face stitched by Luciana Funtowicz

owl face mandala cross stitch kit

Eiffel tower stitched by Angel Rose Catch

eiffel tower cross stitch

Diligence cat stitched by Gail Wilkie

abstract cat cross stitch kit

Dark owl stitched by Linda Burek

Dark owl cross stitch kit

Abstract lion stitched by CJ Parker

abstract lion cross stitch

Retriever stitched by Mrs Hough

Retriever cross stitch kit

Rainbow Cavalier King Charles stitched by Grace Shelchuk

Cavalier King Charles Rainbow modern cross stitch kit

Cafe at night stitched by Holly Cunningham

cafe at night van gogh cross stitch

Butterfly stitched by Morag Wilson Mayberry

Butterfly cross stitch kit

Bunny heart stitched by Catherine Early

Bunny cross stitch kit

Abstract book stitched by Julie Evans

Book cross stitch kit

Abstract paw stitched by Hayley Thompson

Abstract paw cross stitch kit

Floral rainbow heart stitched by Rachel Lamp

Heart cross stitch kit

Snow globes stitched by Zoe Adams

Butterfly tree work in progress by Iva Hladíková

Butterfly tree cross stitch kit

Rainbow bee stitched by Amy Johnson


bee cross stitch


Mandala stitched by Kerrie Joye

mandala cross stitch


Elephant stitched by Liz Abba


elephant cross stitch kit

 Rainbow horse stitched by Brenda MacDonald

Ice dragon stitched by Nicky Woodgate

Ice dragon cross stitch kit

Hummingbirds stitched by Gail Wilkie

Hummingbirds cross stitch

Antique map stitched by Nandini Walker

World map cross stitch kit

Cape may lobster stitched by Nancy Ulrich

Cape may lobster full coverage cross stitch kit

Books stitched by Zoe Adams

Queen Elizabeth work in progress by Susan Egkent

Queen Elizabeth cross stitch kit

Mandala parade work in progress by Kate Francis

mandala cross stitch

Metropolis work in progress by Helen Briggs

large cross stitch

 Jellyfish stitched by Vicky Bailey

Jellyfish cross stitch

Mandala stitched by Melina Schoenenberger

Gnomes stitched by Michelle Williams

Work in progress by Rae Pearse

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