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Surprise modern cross stitch kit with rainbow colours suitable for beginners or advanced stitchers! 

How it works

x  Modern designs: Pre order and join our themed bimonthly surprise cross stitch subscription for modern cross stitch kits with rainbow colours. You will only need to sign up once and you will be guaranteed a place for all future boxes unless you choose to cancel.

x  Payment: Our cross stitch club is a bi-monthly affordable subscription, you will be charged once every 2 months. There is no obligation, you can cancel or pause anytime.

x  Surprise: It will be a surprise, we will only announce the theme but we won't show you the actual design. We will however show you beforehand all the accessories included in the box.

x  Availability: As we are a small family run business (husband and wife), we can only make a certain number of cross stitch subscription boxes. We start by making the boxes for our existing members and add a few more for any new subscriptions. When they sell out, we will stop taking orders, so hurry up and reserve your box! Once you sign up, you will be guaranteed a place for all future boxes until you cancel.

x Support from our community: Access to our facebook Yiotas cross stitch group for great tips and ideas from our community. You will also be able to showcase and share your works in progress.

Current theme: Christmas tree with rainbow swirls

Cut off date: 31st September

Payment: Billing is every 2 months from day of 1st payment.

Shipping date: 1st October


What is included

x  Modern Christmas tree with swirls cross stitch kit - 12 rainbow colour shades with 14 count aida fabric - Size: 21 x 27 cm or 8.4 x 10.8 inches. Design is with full/whole cross stitches.

x  Mini Christmas tree ornament cross stitch kit with a rainbow variegated thread and a Christmas tree plastic ornament

    x  5 rainbow fabric clips

    x  1 random colour lollipop pendant/charm

    x  1 small project bag

    x  Instructions


    ***Lights are for decorative purposes, they are not included in the box. 



    why you should consider our subscription

    x  Never get bored: You will have a continuous supply of modern & colourful cross stitch kits which will take you no more than 2 months to complete them

    x  Never lose you cross stitch mojo: Our medium size designs are perfect to switch to when you are bored working on a very large and advanced cross stitch project

    x  Never feel stuck: You can cancel the subscription or pause at any time. Contact us and we will cancel or pause your subscription at any time.

    x  Reward and treat yourself with a surprise gift every 2 months!

    x  It suits all levels, from beginners to advanced stitchers!



    UK: £24.90 with free shipping

    USA: £32.90, shipping fees included (around $43, check currency)

    Australia: £33.90, shipping fees included (around $60, check currency)

    Canada: £33.90, shipping fees included (around $55, check currency)

    Previous subscription boxes

    By being a member in our subscription club, you benefit from an automatic discounted cross stitch kit at a price of £24.90 which will later be released as a one off purchase at the price of £32.90 without the goodies! 

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