Needle minder box with needle minders and scissors


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Needle minder box with 6 needle minders and embroidery scissors. This box will make an ideal gift!

You will receive: 

  • A storage box
  • 6 needle minders (Butterfly, fish, leaf, Christmas stocking, Santa and a heart
  • Embroidery scissors

What are needle minders? It is a small decorative piece that magnetically holds onto needles. The decorative side goes on top of your fabric, while the magnet goes on the back. A needle minder can hold onto many needles at a time. Needle minders are an especially useful tool because embroidery needles can easily get lost if there is no specific place to put them. With a needle minder, the stitcher has a place to put their needle when they are grabbing more threads, changing thread colours, or done stitching at the moment. This eliminates the time wasted looking for needles, the cost of buying replacement needles for the ones lost, or the pain that might occur if you find a lost needle with your foot. Although I personally, used to loose them in our sofa!

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