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If you are like me and you are running out of walls to display your finished cross stitch projects, then this photo album is for you!

Large self adhesive photo album with 40 pages (front and back), casebound.

Just stick your project on the large sheet.


  1. Keep your projects clean and secure.
  2. Keep in your living room and showcase your finished works to all your guests
  3. Saves you money on frames

It will fit 40 medium size projects. 

Sheet size: 28 x 22 cm

Note: Finished cross stitch projects not included - they are just to show you how the photo album will look like with the finished cross stitch pieces.



How to tackle large projects

A large cross stitch project might take you several months or even years to complete it.

The large project will have confetti stitches which will drive you crazy at some point. Consider having 2 projects on rotation, one small and one large. It helps if the small project has bright colours to boost your cross stitch mojo!

Work on the small for a few days and then switch back to the large complicated one.

You will finish the smaller project much earlier so then you get this feeling of completion and accomplishment which will make you want to stitch more.

It is all about motivation. Progress seems slower while working on the large project. This is why you need a smaller project and a small victory!


Our bimonthly cross stitch subscription box will provide you with easy colourful small to medium size cross stitch kits that you can switch to, when you are bored working on your large and advanced project.  Our subscription kits always use bright rainbow coloured threads.

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