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Cross Stitch Kits, Patterns & Charts

No 1 shop selling cross stitch kits with pre-wound threads on card bobbins


Welcome to Yiota's shop. We hope you will enjoy our website, we have over 1000 cross stitch charts and kits with many different fabric options. These are for all skills. Most of our needlepoint designs have full crosses and no backstitch or half stitches. Our cross stitch kits will make ideal gifts, all the threads are pre-wounded in card bobbins, ready for you to start stitching!

Here is a little background on counted cross stitch. It started around 500 BC with celtic designs. Later, we see samplers stitched by women and girls. Needlework was taught in school and it was a useful skill that a girl had to learn. Women used to share their patterns of samplers, there were easy to make back then using graph paper and they would use mostly letters, alphabet and sayings. Once stitched and finished, they would proudly hang them in their houses. Now days, we find cross stitch kits and charts of contemporary designs or famous fine art paintings.

Cross stitch is a hobby for everyone - women, kids and even men. A medium size cross stitch kit or pattern will keep you busy for a month, it will give you something nice and meaningful to do especially during cold winter evenings. Stitching is also a cost effective hobby. You can buy a medium cross stitch kit for around 20 pounds which will last about a month.

Besides keeping you busy, cross stitch will give you a sense of overwhelming achievement. Making something from scratch that you made, with your own hands is a great feeling that will also boost your confidence. Not to mention that stitching will take your mind of worries and troubles and it will even make you loose weight (keeps your fingers occupied and away from the fridge). Yiota's XStitch highly recommends stitching, we hope you enjoy browsing our shop. We are a small family run business that need your support to keep us going. Thank you for taking the time to read this and happy stitching!