Dear Customers,

This website has had to close as of the 29 March 2018 for technical reasons which we cannot attend to at the moment. All orders made up to this date are being processed and will be dispatched or have been dispatched - we will notify you by email as usual.

We are still trading and our products are available on Etsy (where we can dispatch worldwide and the UK) and also Amazon US, Canada - which also accept orders from all countries outside of Europe and Amazon UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain for orders in Europe.

We will relaunch the site at a later date. If you have outstanding vouchers on this site please contact us and we will remake them on Etsy so long as they have not been used on our site.

Yiotas-Xstitch on Etsy

Our Amazon shop channels are at the following links:

Yiotas-Xstitch on Amazon UK

Yiotas-Xstitch on Amazon USA and other countries

Yiotas-Xstitch on Amazon Germany

Yiotas-Xstitch on Amazon France

Yiotas-Xstitch on Amazon Italy

Yiotas-Xstitch on Amazon Spain

Yiotas-Xstitch on Amazon Canada

email us at info (at) yiotas-xstitch.com

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