Thread queries

All our cross stitch kits provide enough threads to allow you to complete the project even with a few mistakes here and there and also have a few leftovers.

Some designs have "confetti" stitches which can lead to using excessive threads that will exhaust your thread allowance.

Carrying the threads across the back of the project and create large jumps will result in over usage.

An example of carrying over threads can be seen here:

An example which threads have not been carrying over threads look like this:

As per our instructions that came with your kit,  you must try to not jump after 5 stitches.

If you feel you have not been provided enough threads and require additional threads, please email us the following:

  • One clear close up picture from your front of the project
  • One clear close up picture from your back of the project

Email address:  

In the meantime, here are some tips and recommendations 

  • Use the knotless loop method and save on thread allowance. Cut the thread roughly twice the length you would normally need and separate one strand. Double this strand and then thread your needle with the two ends. Pierce your fabric from the wrong side where you intend to place your first stitch, leaving the looped end at the back of the work. Return your needle to the wrong side after forming a half cross stitch and pass the needle through the waiting loop. The stitch is now anchored and you may begin to stitch. This method avoids knots and will keep your back neat.
  • Do not remove threads from their bobbins as you might mix them up and use the wrong colours.
  • Avoid the parking method. We believe this method uses large, unnecessary and wasteful amounts of threads. 
  • Stitch area by area and avoid large jumps. If you make large jumps from one area to another, you will run out of threads.
  • Some designs have “confetti” stitches. We understand this involves a lot of stopping and change of colours. Confetti is a difficult process but we believe we must take our time and not be tempted to carry threads across the back of the project which will result in thread over usage. It is best not to carry threads over - no more than 5 stitches (maximum).