Best cross stitch kits

How to choose the best cross stitch kits

Choosing counted cross stitch kits with threads on card bobbins has advantages.

Here are 5 benefits:

  • Easy to store. Threads on bobbins will take less space to store.
  • Easy to organise and locate. Just open a box and grab the thread bobbin organised by number.
  • Looks pretty and clean. Thread colours look stunning (see photo) and they are kept clean if organised in a box.
  • No damage. Threads on bobbins will not get damaged, you only pull the strands you need without having to mix or tangle with other colour threads.
  • No knots. Threads that knot is every stitchers nightmare. Threads on bobbins do not knot.

All our cross stitch kits are provided with pre wound threads on card bobbins.

Cross stitch kits