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How to choose the best cross stitch kits

All our cross stitch kits include quality threads pre wound in individual card bobbins. We use Madeira threads that do not discolour and can be washed in washing machine at 60 degrees Celsius or 140 Fahrenheit.

Our fabrics are from the famous German company Zweigart.

Choosing counted cross stitch kits with threads on card bobbins has advantages.

Here are 5 benefits:

  • Easy to store. Threads on bobbins will take less space to store.
  • Easy to organise and locate. Just open a box and grab the thread bobbin organised by number.
  • Looks pretty and clean. Thread colours look stunning (see photo) and they are kept clean if organised in a box.
  • No damage. Threads on bobbins will not get damaged, you only pull the strands you need without having to mix or tangle with other colour threads.
  • No knots. Threads that knot is every stitchers nightmare. Threads on bobbins do not knot.

Rest assured that we use the best quality materials for our kits, they will not fade or discolour from sun exposure and will last for decades!

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