Cross stitch subscription box - Bimonthly

Pre-order: Our cross stitch subscription box ships on 1st February. You will receive 3 gorgeous kits, one accessory and a re-usable project storage box. Our subscription kits are exclusive to our club members only, they will not become available for purchase again. Dispatch is on 1st February, 1st April, 1st...

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How to tackle large cross stitch projects

I have been stitching for nearly 20 years and I have stitched both large and small designs. I am sharing my own experience about how to tackle large cross stitch projects. First of all, if you are in the process of buying a large, full coverage cross stitch design, I would recommend you start with a kit, unless you already have the materials. If you don't have enough threads or fabric, buy a kit. In fact, get unusual cross stitch kits with plenty of colours to boost your confidence. Funky cross stitch kits will make you dive right into it! Kits come with everything you need so you can start stitching as soon as you receive it! 

Cross stitch video tutorials

Learn how to stitch fast and all about confetti