How to tackle large cross stitch projects

How to tackle large cross stitch projects

I have been stitching for nearly 20 years and I have stitched both large and small designs. I am sharing my own experience about how to tackle large cross stitch projects.

First of all, if you are in the process of buying a large, full coverage cross stitch design, I would recommend you start with a kit, unless you already have the materials. If you don't have enough threads or fabric, buy a kit. In fact, get unusual cross stitch kits with plenty of colours to boost your confidence. Funky cross stitch kits will make you dive right into it! Kits come with everything you need so you can start stitching as soon as you receive it! 

No doubt you will feel overwhelmed when the project arrive at your door. You know that it will take you several months or even years to complete it. Don't worry, be happy! I will share some tips and hopefully you will feel more confident.

Before you start, consider getting one more easy project. I always have 2 projects on the go, one large one and one small one. The large project will definitely have confetti stitches which will drive you crazy at some point. Now is the time to switch to the small easy cross stitch project. It helps if the small project has bright colours to boost your cross stitch mojo - modern cross stitch kits is just what you need! Work on the small one for a few days and then switch back to the large complicated one.

You will finish the smaller project much earlier so then you get this feeling of completion and accomplishment which will make you want to stitch more. What ever you do, always have one small project on rotation! When you are bored of the large one, switch to the smaller one. 

It is all about motivation. Progress seems slower while working on the large project. This is why you need a smaller project and a small victory!

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